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Our progress and growing with production policy, we have created 'BYGRU' Brand for Healty, anatomic, stylish and comfortable shoes and slippers for health sector in a short time.

Doctors, dentists, nurses, laboratories and patient caregivers feeling very confortable with the leading brand of Turkey "BYGURU" sabos and shoes.

BYGURU SABOS anatomic slippers and SHOES  are most preferable modern and stylish footwears of health sector employé's today in Turkey.

BY GURU is honored to be a leading brand with unique and  its high quality and standard products of Health Sector


We began to produce Health sector personnel clothes, stylish and modern with high quality under PRODEXY brand name in 2007. Together with this brand, we succeeded in achieving a province in our sector and becoming the first and only company to produce health personnel clothes and anatomical health footwear production at the same time.

We are the unique company which produces anatomical health footwear and personnel clothes together with succesfull together.

We also have modern design and high quality operating room clothes and health personnel clothes, In addition to Prodexy branded diabetic shoes and affordable sabo varieties

Aydersan has become aware of the lack of chain stores and internet sale in domestic market very early.. We have created our ECEFORM brand for sales on chain stores and internet sales.

Eceform brand is operating also franchise system.

Customers can buy many other medical brands products from ECEFORM stores also..

Under ECEFORM brand we market disposable products like shoe covers, cuffs, and, masks.


We produce under MEDIFORM BRAND medical supplies and orthopedic support products which have been well known in a short time all over Turkey.

After starting production, thanks to modeling and arge studies for medical supplies, orthopedic support products, and in addition, knee pads, elbows, corsets and many other orthopedic products are highly appreciated by our clients and our business partners in domestic market. All these products are manufacturing under MEDIFORM brand.